Don’t Chase the Market Highs This Week

We’ve seen a strong rally over the past week, driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

But now I’m paying close attention to the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ).

Based on its current level, we shouldn’t continue to chase the highs.

Yet the market still has some momentum, and there’s a pick I’m looking to get in on this week.

I go over exactly what it is in today’s video.

Click the image below to watch it.

A Potentially Profitable Pullback Pick



I’m looking to potentially get in on the Costco (Nasdaq: COST) July 21 $535 calls on a pullback between $495 and $500. You’ll see in the chart below that there’s a beautiful weekly squeeze with some positive momentum.

A Potentially Profitable Pullback Pick(Click to enlarge)

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“URBN home run ‘hitta.’ In at $1.75, out at $5.67 for a 224% (overnight) gain – wish I did even MORE contracts on that one! Thanks, BB.”

“Buy USB 500 at $15.19 and sell at $16.57. Net gain $690 (in 16 trading days). TY, KR, for an excellent call!”
– Lance