Cameras Were Never Allowed Inside… Until Now

For whatever reason, everyone is always asking me about my office – and my trade setup. How many monitors do you have? What systems do you use? And so on… So today, I’ll take you where nobody has ever gone before… Inside my office. In the video below, you can see – in real time – exactly how I trade from my own command center. Check it out!

Our strategies make The War Room something unique and profitable.

We’ve handed members an insane 76.95% win rate since we launched!

Over that time frame, we’ve had a 10.04% average gain with an average holding period of just over seven days.

And this year alone, on average, we’re hitting almost two winning trades every day the markets are open.

Meanwhile, supposed stock-picking “superstar” Jim Cramer is averaging a 47% win rate (according to CBS). That’s worse than a coin flip!

We are crushing his track record.

So what are you waiting for?

P.S. Want to know what trades Karim and I believe to be the absolute best? Sit back, relax and watch an engaging video once a week that will give you our top trading pick! We’ll tell you everything you need to know including when to sell! Stay tuned for the release of our brand-new Trade of the Day Plus service coming soon!

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