How a Forklift at Home Depot Could Lead to Your Next Great Trade

The global fuel cell market is forecast to reach $33.09 billion by 2027.

And the $9 stock I’ll introduce you to today owns 95% of the total current market share of hydrogen fuel cells (HFCs).

Its customers include Amazon, Walmart, BMW and Home Depot.

More on Walmart – and the fastest 100% we made in War Room history – below.

The company uses hydrogen, the most abundant element on Earth, and combines it with oxygen from the air – to produce electricity while emitting only water vapor as a byproduct.

This clean technology is able to power vehicles in a similar way as traditional gasoline – but Hydrogen fuel cells don’t need to be plugged in – or recharged (like the battery cells from Tesla).

You know that forklift you see driving around Home Depot?

Most likely, it uses this company’s GenDrive HFC technology – which is why I believe it could lead to your best great investment play.

The company is Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG).

To give you a better sense of why I think it’s worth owning right now, I asked Alex, my newest equity research intern from The Big Red Investment Club, to take a deeper dive.

Here’s what Alex said…

Plug dominates the hydrogen fuel market in North America, and it’s the best-positioned company to take advantage of the massive growth potential.

It recently acquired two companies that set them up to dominate all segments of the hydrogen fuel market.

Its customer base is diverse and strong, led by Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot. These companies have fared very well through this period of uncertainty, meaning Plug’s revenue is relatively safe.

Plug already has a solid revenue base from its existing products and still has its highest potential projects coming on deck.

At the time of my original research, Plug Power traded at $4.41 per share, and I gave it a price target of $5.83. Since then, the shares have surpassed my expectations, and it currently trades for more than $9. Recent acquisitions make Plug a very attractive play if it falls back into the $6.75-to-$7 range.

Action Alert: Honestly, I think Alex is being a bit too cautious. I’d like you to establish a half-sized position in Plug Power right now and then add the second half on a dip back down to $7. That’s the best way to ensure that you get in before the train leaves the station.

The Fastest 100% Winner in War Room History!

I’ll follow up on this more tomorrow, but this morning we hit the fastest 100% winner in the history of The War Room. Here’s a small snippet of what members are saying!

“In at $1.65 out at $3.43. 108% Many thanks BB.” – Basil S.

“In at $1.62, out at $3.09. Thanks Bryan!” – Karen B.

“I bought WMT 119 call at $1.02 and sold at $2.20. VERY nice trade, Bryan (+$467/116%).” – Ryan S.

“You’re on fire Bryan! You should go on vacation often huh? Lol thanks for the wins! :-)” – Ellington

“Wow! Just cashed out WMT, 150% winner in an hour! Gotta love it!” – Jeff F.

“WMT in at $1.67 out at $3.20 in 35 minutes.” – George F.

“WMT in at $1.02 out at $4.65. Thank you WR.” – Roberto S.

Are you ready to start hitting these winners? If so, you’re invited to join me in The War Room today!

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