The Ultimate Bear Market Play

Bear markets, like the one we are in, can drag on for what seems like forever.

And each leg lower becomes a scarier proposition.

Most investors will sell when they should be buying, and that just exacerbates the pain. But what if you could outsmart the bear?

Well, that is exactly what my colleague Bryan Bottarelli has been doing day in and day out in The War Room.

In fact, he’s been hammering the bear with this strategy.

And I’m going to share it with you today.

Here’s how it works…

Bryan makes “super high probability” bets that move up two to three times the amount the market moves down.

Most analysts can’t beat a monkey with a dart when it comes to picking winners.

They average around a 33% win rate.

How does our performance during a bear market compare?

Just take a look at Bryan’s performance vs. the Dow Jones during the COVID Crash.


There you have it.

Bryan locked in a trade to make more than 20% yesterday, while the overall market was still in the red.

He did it by playing a very special ETF…


Do I have your attention now?

Bryan used a play – probably one you’ve never heard about – that all but guarantees you will make money if the market tanks.

And you can usually make these bets for a buck or two and cash in with double-digit gains while the rest of your friends are hiding under their mattresses.

Look, I don’t want to make light of bear markets or corrections. They are brutal, and they can be the difference between enjoying a happy retirement and having to work 10 years past when you thought you’d be fishing and buying your grandkids ice-cream cones.

Action Plan: So please, take a couple of minutes and watch Bryan explain exactly what he does and how he does it. It may not be your thing. Maybe you like being fearful. But if you want to take the bear head-on and actually see the chance to make money when the market is falling, then you need to give this a look.

Click here to see it in action.

Fun Fact Friday

Kids finally going back to school after all the COVID-19 restrictions could bring more people (specifically, women) back into the workforce. The unemployment rate jumped to 3.7% recently – a number the Fed wants to see rise… not because fewer people are employed but rather because more people are looking for work, thereby increasing the base. More women looking to get back into the job market could have an impact and help move the needle.