This $13 Stock Finally Figured It Out

Even before COVID-19 was a thing…

And well before the “work at home” trend gained traction…

I’d long believed that WeWork (NYSE: WE) was perfectly positioned for the next phase of the working world.

As I’m sure you know, WeWork offers flexible-workspace solutions to individuals and enterprises worldwide.

In other words, the company provides open workspaces, event spaces, dedicated desks, standard office spaces, office suites and full-floor offices on a monthly basis. (Its introductory rate right now is three months for $199.)

Just like a Life Time Fitness or Equinox gym member, a WeWork member can enjoy the convenience of using any of the company’s hundreds of locations around the world with 24/7 access.

It was a fantastic idea… until management screwed the company out of really taking off.

I’ll spare you those details, but the error forced a major shake-up and restructuring a while back.

But now WeWork is back – and its timing couldn’t be better.

The entire world has accepted a new approach to working in offices. Flexible workspaces could soon account for 30% of the commercial office market, and that could produce as much as $6.8 billion in revenue for WeWork by 2024.

For $13 per share, it’s worth a look.


Action Plan: As the first mover in the flexible-workspace market, I could easily see shares of WeWork breaking above $20 by the first quarter of 2022. Buying today for $13 looks like a smart move.

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