Follow This Plan and Make $21,000 Overnight

We just hit one of our biggest overnight winners in The War Room…

And today, I’ll break down exactly how we made this trade – step-by-step.

That way, the next time an opportunity like this presents itself, you can follow alongside me, and perhaps you’ll be next in line to hit a massive winner overnight.

Here’s what happened…

On Thursday, July 30, United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) was scheduled to report earnings.

Considering what we recently saw with FedEx, I had a feeling that the UPS report was going to trigger a big move – up or down.

Which way would it go?

Honestly, I didn’t care.

As long as the move was big enough, I knew how to profit.

You see, I recommended an overnight earnings strangle on UPS.

A strangle is an options strategy where you buy both a call and a put with different strike prices but the same expiration date and underlying asset.

Specifically, UPS stock was trading at $124 per share.

So on July 29, I recommended the following trade…

The total cost to enter this trade was $5.90 (which amounts to $590 per call and put combo).

When you have a pending earnings announcement, I find that a strangle is a great strategy if you think the stock is ready for a big move but you’re not willing to flip a coin and guess the direction.

So what happened?

In a truly eye-popping report, UPS reported earnings of $2.13 per share, which blew away the expectation of $1.06.

Revenues of $20.46 billion also surpassed even the highest expectations of $17.31 billion.

Bloomberg called it a “delivery bonanza.”

JPMorgan analyst Brian Ossenbeck said UPS managed to “crush elevated expectations on surge in volume.”

On the news, UPS blasted higher – and the value of our calls mooned.

At a stock price of $141, our UPS $125 calls had an intrinsic value of $16.

That’s 171% above the $5.90 that members paid to enter the entire call and put combo!

Just look at this amazing chart…

As you would guess, War Room members cleaned house.

Here’s a small sample of what they said…

“What a stroke of luck for me. I bought the UPS August $125 Calls late yesterday for $3. I just sold them for $19.50! The biggest win of my trading life. Thank you War Room for a $16,500 win!” – Don W.

William B. made more than 900%…

“UPS: +937%.” – William B.

Michael V. “straight killed it” and made more than $7,500…

“Straight killed it on UPS calls – woke up to $7,563. Biggest green day so far.” – Michael V.

Mike L. chimed in with $6,000…

“Picked up $6K net. Great call on this one, Bryan!” – Mike L.

Sterno made $12,000…

“Sold. Up $12K.” – Sterno

Lisa E. made $21,000…

“21K profit!” – Lisa E.

Michael K. started his morning with a big cash injection…

“Not bad BB! In at $3.40, out at $12.50. 268% return for a $10K profit within 3 minutes of trading day.” – Michael K.

Christopher H. made 400%…

“In the $118 call at $4.15; out at $18!!! 400+%!!!” – Christopher H.

And here’s one more…

“UPS calls in at $3.20 out at $14.20. Thank you, Bryan! Great start for the day!” – Marion B.

Action Plan: Do you want to be positioned in the next overnight earnings strangle that we recommend in The War Room?

Do you want to be the best person to write in – saying that you made $6,000, $12,000 or even $21,000 overnight?

Then what are you waiting for? Join me in The War Room today!

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