Watch This New Win-Both-Ways Trade

I just posted a new video that reveals my favorite trading strategy…

It’s called the Win-Both-Ways Trade.

It allows you to make up to 188%… overnight… all with a 73% average win rate.

And best of all, it doesn’t matter whether a stock goes up or down.

You just need the stock to move.

Fidelity says, “The profit potential is unlimited.”

It’s very exciting, which is why I’d like to set up a sample Win-Both-Ways trade for you to track – in real time – here in Trade of the Day.

That way you can see this powerful strategy for yourself. Tomorrow before the open, Kohl’s (NYSE: KSS) reports earnings.

Its last three reactions have all been lower, dropping 17%, 13% and 7%.

Will this downside trend continue?

Or will Kohl’s start to turn up on vaccine optimism?

Honestly, who cares?

By using my Win-Both-Ways strategy, you profit whether Kohl’s moves up or down!

Here’s the setup…

· Pay $1.80 for the KSS December 26.50 calls (December 4 expiration).

· Pay $1.75 for the KSS December 25.50 puts (December 4 expiration).

Note: This is an example trade. Kohl’s will report earnings before you have time to enter the trade.

Action Plan: All told, you’re paying $3.55 to own exposure to both an upside and a downside move on Kohl’s. And the play gives you from now until Friday, December 4, for this position to hand you a profit.

With Kohl’s earnings before the open tomorrow and an average move around 12% currently priced in, any move above this could hand you a profit. Watch this move – and let’s see how it performs tomorrow!

And if you want to learn more, you have to check out my new video – which details the entire Win-Both-Ways strategy – by clicking here. Most likely, this is a strategy that you’ve never used before, but it could open your eyes to a completely new way to generate daily profits. Check it out now!

Check out my new video on the Win-Both-Ways Trade.