Earnings Follow-Up: 47% Gains Overnight on Twitter

This past Wednesday, I told you that two companies were set to report earnings – and I believed that both of them were primed for a big move.

The companies were Peloton (Nasdaq: PTON) and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR).

As it turned out, both names made sizable moves – but Twitter delivered the best overnight winner (members are still holding their Peloton positions in The War Room).

As a quick review…

War Room members paid $3.08 for a two-sided position on Twitter. And yesterday morning, they sold this position for $4.54, good for a 47% winner overnight.

And remember, we were not “guessing” on which direction Twitter would move.

This overnight gain of 47% would’ve occurred no matter which way Twitter moved.

Sure, we’re giving up some gains by trading this way. But we’re also being smarter – and safer – about these moves. In my view, giving up some profits – in return for eliminating the guesswork – is a trade I’d make every single time.

Take a look at what these members had to say…

“TWTR was a great trade made $2,000. Thank you Bryan.” – Tito

“Nice call on TWTR, I stayed in about 10 minutes later and made 100%.” – James D.

“TWTR is the gift that keeps on giving.” – Jerry K.

Action Plan: From Wednesday to today you saw – in real time – how one of our “Overnight Trades” worked.

See that move on the Twitter chart above – from $33 up to $38? That’s all you need to make a 47% winner overnight.

If you’d like to start trading these moves – knowing that you’re safe on a move in either direction – then I invite you to join me in The War Room.

Click here to find out how!

Oh, and just in case you’re curious, here are some additional comments we received from members on the Twitter recommendation:

“FIRST TRADE in War Room from yesterday done. TWTR – in at $1.61 sold @ $4.60.” – Brad T.

“In @3.11, out @4.12. Great trade guys!” – Vincent

“Just sold twitter 177%.” – Kenneth

“THANKS SO MUCH! This was a really big winner for me. YOU GUYS ROCK!” – Rob T.

“Hot oatmeal and a GREAT winning trade! What a way to start the day. Thank you!” – Jerry K.

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