A Gift Trade for Your Thanksgiving

I have a simple message for you today.

When it comes to trading this week…

Give yourself the gift of going flat.


I’d much rather focus on my family and kids than worry about what the markets are doing on a short week with light volume.

But for those of you who want to trade every day of the year (myself included), here’s a simple setup for you.

Click the image below to check it out.



If you want to trade this week, then just watch the SPX chart. I love the way it’s setting up, and I think the indexes are heading higher based on the CPI (consumer price index) report a few weeks ago. You’ll see below – the chart is setting up beautifully, and I’d like to set up some SPX calls. If SPX drops to anywhere between 3,950 and 3,920, then I’ll want to pick up some December 2 calls – as long as this pattern is still valid. Other than that, it’s family time.

S&P 500

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