Will the Market Totally Crash? Watch This Video…

It’s no secret… The markets have been exceptionally volatile this week.

After a rip-roaring rally following the Fed meeting on Wednesday, the Dow Jones tanked 1,120 points on Thursday. And the Nasdaq Composite plunged 5.2%, marking its worst day since 2020.

But how fearful should we be?

The answer lies in this key market measuring tool.

This is the most accurate indicator I’ve ever seen. And most people don’t even know it exists.

By the end of today’s video, you will know exactly how it works when it comes to predicting market volatility.

Watch the video below to discover this powerful indicator.

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Fun Fact Friday

The market swings have been spectacular this week. This chart shows what the most common daily swings in the S&P 500 have been since 1970. Notice how small the candlesticks are on either side of the range from -3% to 2.9%. Yet the last two days have each fallen outside that range. Volatility remains the name of the game in 2022.