A Rebel Stock Pick

Markets – especially the Nasdaq – have been on fire lately.

And while it’s a fun time to be a trader, it’s important to know the high won’t last forever.

That’s why I’m looking to get into a stock that doesn’t care about market highs or lows.

Plus, I think it has a chance to retest its previous high.

I go over exactly why in today’s video.

A Rebel Stock Pick With a Squeeze



Carvana (NYSE: CVNA) is setting up with another squeeze, and I’m looking for a continuation. I’m buying the CVNA June 16 $15 calls when the price of CVNA is near $14.50.

Carvana Stock Chart(Click to enlarge)

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“39.7% gain [on CVNA] in about 90 minutes. Thank you!”
– GusTheHorse

“[COIN] Filled at $0.85, 42.6% Win [in a month and a half]. Thanks, Karim!”
– Dave1st1ret