Kirkland Lake Gold: Bank on This Gold Stock

If there’s been one asset class that has been a steady riser since the middle of this year, it’s gold. All you had to do was throw a dart at a group of gold stocks and you would have made a bundle.

In The War Room, members have been taking profits every month since last May on gold and silver plays.

One of them, Kirkland Lake Gold (NYSE: KL), has been a steady profit maker for us. In fact, members just cashed in for a 40% gain on Tuesday, and we’ll definitely be looking for more from this name in the future.

Gold is barely $80 away from an ALL-TIME high as we go to press. It hit that high in 2011. And between the early 2000s and 2011, gold rose by more than 500%!

So for a lot of investors who follow trends, the price of gold might just be getting ready to make another historic run. And there are many reasons for this.

Just look at some of my reasons for buying gold back in May 2019:

None of these reasons has changed. And with the massive money printing going on since the beginning of the pandemic, the outlook for gold has gotten better, not worse.

That is why you have seen the price of gold stocks rally to new highs over the past couple of months. AndKirkland Lake Gold is just joining the party.

You see, even though it’s an excellent company, it was penalized for an acquisition it made recently that lowered the quality of its mines.

However, as it turns out, its acquisition is panning out (pardon the pun), and Kirkland Lake Gold is now outperforming its peers.

Action Plan: We were well ahead of Wall Street with our precious metals plays in The War Room, and we have a couple more on the books that are also tearing it up.

Join me in The War Room right now and get in on the best metals plays in real time… ahead of the crowd!

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