Basic AF Guide to Options Pricing

If you’re a beginner trader – or even a more advanced one – this is must-know information.

Without a doubt…

Understanding exactly how an option is priced is critical to your trading success.

The secret comes down to understanding intrinsic versus extrinsic value – which is what I break down for you in today’s episode of Trade Talk Tuesdays.

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Testimonial Tuesday

I closed the 20 Shares/Contracts I opened at $3.76 for $4.35. Made $1,180 (in three trading days) on this trade!

- Ednchina

I closed the 2 Shares/Contracts I opened at $3.32 for $4.58. Thanks for another winner, Bryan... this time 38% (in six days)!!

- Chris F.

CHWY put sell - out at $0.75, in at $0.98; kept 23% of my credit (in less than two weeks). Thanks for another winner, Karim!

- Robert D5
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