Basic AF: How to Read an Option Symbol

Do you know how to read the symbol below?

O:MSFT 22B110.00D22

If not, don’t panic…

In today’s Trade Talk Tuesday, I break down exactly what goes into an option symbol.

Check out the video below, and you’ll be confidently reading and trading options symbols in no time.


Action Plan: I hope you found today’s lesson on options useful. They are powerful investment tools that can lead to explosive gains. We trade options every day in The War Room, regardless of what’s going on in the market. In fact, we’ve beaten the S&P’s performance by 928% since 2019 in both bull and bear markets. See what all the hype is about!


Testimonial Tuesday

Bought more on the dip - in at $4.90 & $3.80. Out at $5.50 for a $1,246.67 profit. Thanks, BB! Exceeding my daily goal of $1K/day.

- Dan M.

Karim, thanks for the note on BBBY this AM - BTO 9/16/22 $6 puts at $0.70. STC at $0.85 for 21%.

- Terry C3

TJX was a very good call from Bryan. Bought at $1.60, sold at $3.60. 125% a couple of hours later. Thanks, Bryan.

- Satyan