Biden Delivers a War Room Winner

It pays to watch presidential politics play out. It doesn’t matter which candidate you prefer. In The War Room, we’re about taking profits regardless of who wins or loses.

In real time.

We have the ability to act and react quicker than any other product on the market.

During the debates (if you can call them that), Biden kept saying he’s for alternative energy and electric vehicles. Then he got a little more specific. If you blinked, you missed it! He vocalized his desire to see tens of thousands of charging stations across the country.

Enter Blink Charging (Nasdaq: BLNK). I mean, could you have a better setup or what? Immediately, I put War Room members into a Blink Charging trade. It was trading for less than $10 at the time.

Here was the play:

10/15/2002 – Buy to open the BLNK Jan 2022 $10 calls (BLNK Jan 2022 $10C) and Sell to Open the Blink Jan 2022 $15 calls (BLNK Jan 2022 $15C) for a NET DEBIT OF $1.10 to $1.20. Start at $1.10 and do not pay more than $1.20. I will adjust if necessary. This should be considered a VERY SPECULATIVE PLAY and you should POSITION SIZE accordingly.

Today, as I write this, Blink Charging is trading at $16.70 – that’s an increase of more than 50% on the shares in just over a month!

My thesis was that Biden would be leading in the polls. And this was a pure “poll” play. If his numbers held up and he won, then Blink shares would follow suit. That’s exactly what happened. Look at the chart below to see Blink’s price action between November 2 and today!

Needless to say, War Room members cashed out with a huge winner!

Todd M. 11/18/2020 at 10:03:38 a.m.
Sold shares of BLNK for 55% gain, thanks to Karim. (or Biden).

Woodman 11/18/2020 at 10:07:25 a.m.
I made a ton on BLNK and thought it was great when I sold about 35% lower than now 🙂 Hard to pick tops, yet best to take LARGE profits.

Heikki 11/19/2020 at 11:33:20 a.m.
BLNK 12/18/2020 10 C in at $1.15 out at $7.10, +517,4%. Thanks for A tip Karim.

Tony V. 11/18/2020 at 10:19:54 a.m.
Karim, thanks, when you talked about BLNK I decided to buy stock and options (calls) and continued to buy stocks at small portions cashed in at the options @ 2.5x investment and then jumped in again (options) and as you can see doing well.

Chris F. 11/18/2020 at 10:34:06 a.m.
BLNK Jan 2022 10/15 VC: In 7 at $.70 for $490 on 10/27. Out 3 at $1.70 for $510 today. Now I’m riding 4 contracts on house money with 429 more days to profit. Thank you Karim for teaching us about spreads!

Don M. 11/16/2020 at 2:42:14 p.m.
Thanks KR. Good day for BLNK. Out of spread at $1.15. Also sold a Jan 10 call. In on 9/23 at $1.45. Out today at $2.94.

Action Plan: In The War Room, we follow everything… including politics. But we don’t let our personal beliefs get in the way of our investing.

That’s what Facebook is for!

We’re interested in profits. End of story. Join me now so that you can be in the right place at the right time!

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