Big SPX Move + 2 Trade Setups

Today we have a big development.

A key level of the SPX has just been breached.

This hasn’t happened in over a year…

And I go over exactly why it’s important for trading in today’s video.

Plus I have two fresh trade setups for you.

Click the image below to watch.

Big SPX Move + 2 Trading Setups



Here are today’s two new setups…

World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE: WWE) is consolidating under the previous high of $100. With recent positive news and now a great 78-minute chart setup, I like this as a long. In the video, I disclosed that I already have a few contracts of the January monthly $90 calls, and then I recommended the February monthly $90 calls as well. I am looking for a move out of the current pattern up through $100. I’d like to buy between $88 and $90, stop under $85 and target a move over $100. WWE has 17% short float, so if this gets some volume next week, it could get interesting pretty quickly.

World Wrestling Entertainment ChartClick to Enlarge

With Reata Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: RETA), we don’t have the typical TPS setup because there is no trend. However, this is a great basing pattern that has been developing for over a year, and now there is a big squeeze with a “shelf top” and higher lows being made every time the price dips. I think a short squeeze higher could be coming, and I’d look to buy the February monthly $40 calls on a pullback to around the $35 level. I’d use a move under $33 as my stop and target a move over $50. This name also has over 27% short float, so if the “base highs” are tested, this could squeeze shorts very quickly.

Reata PharmaceuticalsClick to Enlarge

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