Don’t Ignore This Trade: It’s Printing Money

I remember the conversation vividly…

It was early 2019 in the lobby of a hotel bar in Pennsylvania.

Karim and I were sharing trading methodologies over a drink – vodka for Karim and bourbon for myself.

When the topic of gold came up…

“I hate it,” I said. “Never trade it.”

Perplexed, Karim inquired, “Why not?”

I leaned back, took a sip and repeated what I’ve said a million times, “My methods don’t seem to consistently work with gold or metals plays, so I just take them off my screen entirely.”

That was then. Fast-forward to today – and boy have times changed…

Considering the unprecedented amounts of money the Fed is printing and dumping into the markets to counteract the COVID-19 pandemic, both Karim and I have put metals back on our radar. (In fairness, Karim never took gold plays off his radar, but I digress.)

I’ve updated my methods and screens with this in mind, and the results are quite spectacular…

This year in The War Room, Karim and I have been perfect at trading gold assets.

Take a look:

Karim focuses on his favorite small cap gold stocks.

While I focus on trading in and out of my favorite gold company, Newmont (NYSE: NEM).

Add it all up, and we’ve closed eight metal and mining trades this year – all winners – for an average gain of 22.79%.

War Room members happily posted their results…

“NEM in @ $3.69 out 10 minutes later @ $4.16!!! Wow – great call BB.” – Terry S.

“Made $500 on NEM, thanks guys!” – Larry C.

“3.13, net +18.58%. Thanks BB!” – Charley

“In @$2.47 and out at $3.10 >21% gain. What a wild ride today.” – Ken W.

Action Plan: Today’s market pop – sparked by hopes that a vaccine will be delivered to market soon – created a pullback in gold plays.

I believe this is a temporary move, which could offer you a nicely timed entry to move back into gold. When it’s time to strike, I’ll alert you in real time inside The War Room.

Today, you’re invited to join us – and get this exact signal – the instant it triggers.

Learn more about the benefits of War Room membership here!

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