Follow the Money Into This SPAC

Editor’s Note: Bryan here. If you missed my buy alert from yesterday, then drop whatever you’re doing and read this immediately!

My favorite disruptive pick for 2021 will be featured prominently during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. If you watch the game, you’ll surely see this company – which is exactly why I’m recommending this $22 stock right now! Sunday’s game could be the trigger that spikes this stock higher – so the time to act is now! The entire trade is revealed in my newest Trade of the Day Plus episode – which you can access here.

– Bryan Bottarelli, Head Trade Tactician

A couple of weeks ago, I told War Room members to jump into a very special SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) when the shares were around $12. Yesterday, it got up to $18, a 50% gain, before pulling back a little.

There’s still time for you to jump in.

With SPACs, we have an awesome track record because we follow the money. One of our best-performing plays last year was SPAC target DraftKings (Nasdaq: DKNG). In fact, I just closed out another winner on the name this week…

Tad 2/2/202 at 10:26:22 a.m.
In @ 5.50 out @ 7.40 for a solid 34.5% return. THX KR!!

Rick R. 2/2/2021 at 10:07:40 a.m.
Very Nice Trade Karim. Up $150.00 per contract. I love those kind of gains. Thank you.

Mac M. 2/2/2021 at 10:53:21 a.m.
In at 5.60 out at 7.25 29.45% Thanks Karim!

That was the sixth time we’ve rung up DraftKings for profits. We’re back in the name with another strategy, and it’s already up 20% in a matter of days.

I also told War Room members to jump into Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SPCE) a few weeks ago, and that one has taken off like a rocket!

And today, we are looking at another SPAC… one that Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of all things Virgin, is involved in: VG Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: VGAC).

I am sure the “VG” stands for Virgin Galactic.

Anyway, once I caught wind of it, I began digging deeper and started to hear rumblings of VG Acquisition on the prowl for one of the big “genetic testing for fun” companies, 23andMe. I dug even deeper and saw that Branson had a previous business relationship with one of the principal owners.

That was all I needed to see to know that Branson and VG Acquisition had the inside track.

Yesterday, they announced the deal and the shares rocketed higher

And War Room members are all aboard.

I think there is more upside ahead as the details of 23andMe’s business come to light. It is a private company, so there is not a lot of information available. Once it files to be taken public through this SPAC, those details will be revealed. We will then come to a better understanding of why Branson and the company’s founder are putting their own cash, to the tune of millions of dollars, into this new venture.

Action Plan: The rich get richer because of their connections. Now you can be connected as well… in The War Room. With our network and research, we will deliver ideas like VG Acquisition to you in real time, every day! Join us by clicking here.

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