Are You Getting Paid to Buy Stocks?

As we entered the new year, we racked up two quick gains from a strategy that pays us to buy stocks at a discount, and if it doesn’t pan out…

We get paid just for trying!

It’s a win-win scenario and part of The War Room’s perfect winning streak since the new year began!

This time, War Room members made plays on GoodRx (Nasdaq: GDRX) and Newmont Corporation (NYSE: NEM), racking up gains of more than 30% on both.

Imagine that for a minute…

Members got paid 30% for trying to buy GoodRx and Newmont at 40% below the current price.

Yes, you read that right… a 40% discount!

The strategy I used is called put selling. Now, it’s not for everyone. It’s for investors and traders who want to buy stocks cheap or get paid for trying.

Think of it like a coupon. I gave War Room members a coupon to buy Newmont at a 40% discount. But the only way they get to buy Newmont at 40% off is if it falls 40%. If it doesn’t, they get paid for trying to use their coupon.

Since the inception of The War Room almost two years ago, we have yet to lose on even one of these types of trades. Yep, a perfect record to date. Now, I don’t expect to be perfect forever. I’m hoping to maintain an 80% win rate.

Back to my Newmont example, the odds of it falling 40% at expiration are important to consider. That’s the other part of this unique and highly successful formula.

I look for situations where the probability of being put (buying the shares at the strike price) is very low. Sometimes it’s as low as 20% or 10%. So that means there is an 80% or 90% chance that you will get paid out. And, if you don’t, you will buy the shares at a huge discount. And, of course, there is always the option to close the trade out early.

On Newmont, members had 30% of a potential 100% gain in the bag in a couple of weeks. There was no point holding on for a few more months. So members took the risk off the table by closing the trade.

Action Plan: We make all sorts of trades in The War Room, and put selling is one of the most successful strategies we use.

Join me now and learn how you can buy your next stock at 30%, 40% or even 50% less than what others are paying… or get paid just for trying!

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