How Alex Trebek Impacted How You Trade

It’s fitting that we show you this video today…

It reveals how the game show Jeopardy! can make you a better trader.

And with the recent passing of Alex Trebek, this video is especially impactful today.

Check it out below…

P.S. Can I send you even more winners?

You just saw with your own eyes…

Winner after winner after winner.

In the midst of one of the most uncertain elections of our lifetimes, Karim and I handed you a series of trades that exploded higher overnight.

For instance…

“Out of my BB Election Summit recommendation. In XAR 28 Oct $89 calls at $3.30, out at $9.90 for cool 200% profit. THX BB!!” – TAD

“IIPR in at $4.31 out at $26.5— +515% ” new roof for my house :-)” – M Curry

“In JETS at $1.80 and out at $3.70. In PFE at $1.28 and out at $2.75.” – Johnny M.

“In IIPR Nov 135 calls at $6.60 out at $18.00 for a cool +172.7% gain.” – Tad11

“IIPR in at $7.40 out at $15.70.” – Karen S.

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