Inflation Can Be Good for You!

I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about inflation.

You’re probably feeling it at places like the grocery store and the gas station.

You might be thinking, “Am I dreaming?”

I’ll be brutally honest here and tell you that you’re not.

It’s real.

And the truth is…

The seeds of the inflation we’re seeing today were planted a long time ago…

It all started back in 2007.

That is when the Great Recession began and the Federal Reserve capitulated and stopped doing its job.

That is when the government took the easy way out.

Instead of forcing people who were in over their heads to file for bankruptcy or for companies to liquidate, the government chose the path of easy money and bailouts. We became the kind of welfare state so many of us claim to despise.

The Federal Reserve took rates down to almost nothing in order to stimulate spending. As a country that believes in the use of credit above all else, we the people loved the idea of borrowing at zero and spending ourselves into oblivion.

The past decade and a half has seen us do just that – it’s been a massive Federal Reserve- and Treasury Department-fed orgy of spending.

Then, when that spending wasn’t enough, the prior presidential administration and the current one decided the best way to really set the house on fire was to pour jet fuel on it.

The bonfire grew even bigger, to the tune of $5 trillion more in spending and proposed spending since 2017.

Well, as almost every economist (except the ones at the Federal Reserve) knows, when you add a ton of money to the system, people will spend it. And when supply is at risk (think pandemic), prices soar, as they are doing right now for everything… except the opinions of economists!

But fear not. As inflation soars, it brings some benefits with it. You see, higher inflation will not stick around forever, maybe not even a couple of years. High prices and higher interest rates have a way of knocking down demand.

But in the meantime, interest rates will move up. If you have been looking for fixed-income yields to rise above 0%, you’ll be in luck.

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