Insiders Are Betting More Than $1 Billion on 3 Companies… in THIS MARKET?!

Three companies. Over $1 billion worth of shares bought on the OPEN MARKET. In 2022.

That’s enough to wake anyone up. And so far, two of the three are in the money, big-time.

The first company is Energy Transfer (NYSE: ET), with its whopping 8% dividend. Its chairman has spent over $50 million in just the past two weeks. At an average price of $12, that’s over 4.1 million shares! And he bought over $120 million worth of shares a couple of years ago.


Then there are the insiders at Carvana (NYSE: CVNA). One insider scooped up $42 million worth of shares at $21 earlier this year. Those shares doubled in price just a couple of weeks ago.


Finally, insiders at Six Flags (NYSE: SIX) are buying shares hand over fist right now with the stock in the low $20s. Something tells me that the shares will be a higher a year from now – maybe sooner and maybe much higher!


While so many people are losing their shirts, my readers made money on their trades in Energy Transfer and Carvana – good money.

It’s not what you know… it’s when you know it and how to see it.

I follow insider trading religiously. I look for specific buying patterns. Then I analyze the companies. Then we move. Fast. In real time. Before the talking heads even get wind of it. How?

I get real-time insider filings. It costs a fortune… but it also makes fortunes.

Yesterday, I recommended shares in a maker of clothing. Not the kind of clothing you’re thinking of, I guarantee it. EVERYONE buys this kind of clothing, whether we’re in a recession or not. And the insiders know it.

They’ve been buying shares almost every day for a couple of weeks now.

But I waited. I wanted to do a special play where I would pay just over $1 and still get the same profit opportunity as them.

They have been paying as much as 16X what my readers paid. You may be thinking I am talking about some type of short-term option. You’d be wrong.

We have a ton of time on our side – and all for just $1.15! I would share the pick with you, but then my readers would be mad at me!

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P.S. Also, remember the strategy I shared with you last week to make money if the market plunged… or soared? Well, it paid off big-time for our readers. Here’s just a sample of how they did…

“Entered a SPY 420C/400P D14 strangle yesterday for $1.33 total X2. STC 400P at $2.82 X1 & $2.95 X1 for a 117% win. Thank you, @Kirk & @krahemtulla, for the idea and commentary!”
Spaceman S.

“Exited my QQQ PUTS that I bought yesterday after Karim’s comments for a 100% gain. Thanks, Karim! Also, bought and exited SPY PUTS for 113% gain.”
Mike M4

“BTO SPY 403P yesterday at close at $1.14, STC at $4.58 just now.”

“Days like today are PRECISELY why we all joined Monument Traders Alliance. Thank you, Bryan and Karim!”

“SPY 9/23 405 P pd $7.00. Sold today for $13.00. Maybe early on both buy and sell, but thanks, Karim.”
Donald S8

“A record day for me thanks in part to all the help from The War Room. Best decision I every made, short of marrying my wife. Have to work tomorrow, so will be monitoring on iPad. Good night, War Room.”

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Fun Fact Friday

The worst market session since June of 2020 happened on Tuesday. When last month’s inflation numbers remained high, it confirmed that the Fed’s anti-inflation moves had not been as effective as hoped. Investors realized that the Fed wouldn’t back off its aggressive rate-hike plans anytime soon – and markets tanked as a result. But here’s the good news… Historically, markets perform well in the weeks following a broad decline. This has been especially true over the last five years.