Is Bitcoin Dead?

The recent sell-off in cryptos has been sharp and painful.

Is it time to buy, or should you get out while you can?

While I think there is room for all asset classes in a portfolio, I remain steadfast in my belief that cryptos could be assets, but not currencies, as they still have to establish stability first. So maybe we start by calling them cryptos and not “cryptocurrencies.”

There is a ton of interest in cryptos in The War Room. Many members are trading various cryptos daily. I wanted to share a snippet of the opinions of War Room members who are following every move in the sector.

Check out the conversation:

Jim B. at 9:46:20 a.m.

hodl – when institutional investment dries up, then I’ll worry.

Scott J. at 9:47:17 a.m.

My Ethereum and Algorand both down big, great buying opportunity.

T.D. at 9:47:30 a.m.

Looks like RIOT has S around 33.30

Sadiq at 9:47:44 a.m.

It’s about a 30% correction from its high. Par for the course and good support at 47k-48K. At that level, there is heavy buying and good support. A great buying opportunity!

Ken S. at 9:47:52 a.m.

GBTC down about 4.5% this morning.

Bruce at 9:48:40 a.m.

I’m a happy camper… this is healthy b/c its necessary… the big whales (Karim-types)… will enter when they see fit to add to their positions… when I see that momentum swing I’ll be back in… most all of my speculative capital has been transferred from options to crypto for dry powder… I’ll be buying BTC and ETH ! 🙂

Sadiq at 9:49:29 a.m.

Agree Bruce, I’m accumulating both of those too.

Jim B. at 9:51:26 a.m.

And the kicker is I’m still profitable on ETH.

Ramona C. at 9:52:46 a.m.

I DID post earlier that I was glad I took some gains when it was around 63/64…now I will patiently wait again for it to rise again…and it will. I too have a ‘liittle voice’…but that voice is new to trading too!…but still, I always trust it….yes I suppose I AM a Bitcoin Bull…..taurus and all…turning 70 this monday, BTW, I’ve waited since 2018 to pull any $ from it.

David G. at 9:55:23 a.m.

It’s like owning Tesla – up and down repeatedly, but keeps going up overall at a rate that’s hard to justify. I keep 10 and will do things like use the ones that haven’t gotten killed this week to buy some of the ones I like that are down 20+% today.

Sadiq at 9:56:36 a.m.

Definitely a buyer at these levels and as Jim B. says, still way up even though it’s down. Once ETH 2.0 comes out, that will be an even bigger catalyst for ETH too – will become deflationary just like BTC amongst many other things it will do.

Burnes at 9:56:39 a.m.

We are all going to be millionaires (if not already) with all this money creation. BTC is going to $100.000 on the way to $250,000. Problem is that a Starbucks coffee is going to $25.00 on the way to $100.00. Don’t ask what a gallon of gasoline is going to cost.

Bruce at 10:00:28 a.m.

David… TSLA is on fire !….. sorry sorry…..

Peter Y. at 10:01:55 a.m.

loading up on ALGO, ATOM, XTZ, KCS, all pay 4-6% in coins.

Bruce at 10:03:54 a.m.

…there are crypto places to park “cash” for 12 to 25% w/o a lock-up period… when I run across them again I’ll write them down and post same here ! 🙂

Jim B. at 10:11:58 a.m.

You mean like BlockFi & Linen, Bruce?

Bruce at 10:13:12 a.m.

I don’t remember, so I don’t want to accidentally misdirect any members…

Tom A. at 10:15:18 a.m.

Ditto to what Bruce said. So much free ride trades in crypto that position size, expectation / need for significant pullbacks…I’m HODL for long actual BTC and have added to my trading position in measured amounts.

And, from our resident crypto expert:

Footienut57 at 10:05:08 a.m.Since last week BTC $44K has been touted as worst-case bottom. The Feb 22nd close was $45K – BTC went from there to $61K by March 13, only 2 weeks! For stocks that make these parabolic moves, a retracement is not unusual also.

This was the banter between 9:46 and 10:15 in just one thread in The War Room.

That should give you an idea of the real-time conversations that go on every day by real people with real moderators!

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