Make This Election Trade Immediately

Election Day is finally here!

And right now, the message is simple…

If you have any long exposure…

Especially to technology…

Then you must add protection. Here’s how…

P.S. This is It! Join our Election Survival Summit – or miss out forever!

Yes! Join The Election Survival Summit. It’s totally free!

Stock markets hate uncertainly – and this is BY FAR the most uncertain election we’ve ever faced.

That’s why I’m inviting you to a special Election Survival Summit.

It’s all happening tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET.

Biden win? Trump upset? No clear winner?

Will we be counting Pennsylvania votes for the next freakin’ month?

Who knows?

But no matter the outcome…

Karim and I will take you into the markets – LIVE – and tell you exactly how to get positioned for any post-election-related volatility.

We’ll be using the same proven playbook that we used to generate a trading accuracy of 94%during the COVID-19 crash.

During The Election Survival Summit, you’ll see…

  • Exactly what I use to hedge – and how you can use it – starting tomorrow
  • The exact stock pick to protect yourself during any period of social unrest
  • How Karim knows the PRECISE MOMENT that a sell-off is over and that the bottom is still in
  • Karim’s secret buy list – detailing the stocks that you should buy on any market corrections.

And best of all…

The Election Survival Summit is totally free!

So please… do not miss this live event.

Your money is too important…

The stakes are just too high.

Secure your spot right now!

Let me be clear…

By attending The Election Survival Summit, you’ll be fully prepared to not only survive but also prosper in the midst of any election-related volatility.

Are you ready to lock in your spot?

Then get yourself registered NOW.

And then, I’ll see you tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET!

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