Basic AF Way to Master Options Trading

As a beginner options trader, there are things you must know when making your first trade.

And we go over all of them in our latest Trade Talk Tuesday episode, “Understanding the Bid, the Ask and the Spread.”

Plus, we show you a basic hack to make options trading dead simple – even if you’re brand-new to it.

You won’t want to miss this one.

Click the image below to get started.


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Testimonial Tuesday

Update to Bryan's CSCO trade on 8/17. I held the put side until today, up gap being filled slooowly. Calls were in at $1.37. Out at $3.10 for a 126% gain. Thanks, Bryan!!

- Chuck D.

CANO... BTO Sept 16 $5C at $0.80. STC at $1.90 for around 137% profit. Thanks, Karim, for the tip.

- Tallsheri