Own a $2.7 Million Sports Card for $30 (Huh?)

As we head into Thanksgiving, let’s follow up on one of my favorite alternative investment plays: Michael Jordan collectibles.

Just recently, a unique Jordan card sold at a private auction for $2.7 million, setting a record for the highest-priced Jordan collectible ever sold.

And now, there’s a breakthrough way for you to get in on this action for less than $30.

What I’m about to share with you could revolutionize the market. And in today’s episode of Trade Talk Tuesdays, I show you exactly how to get in early.


Action Plan: If you want a “slam dunk” investment pick delivered to your inbox ever single Wednesday, then be on the lookout for a special Black Friday discount coming for Trade of the Day Plus. (See what we did there… with Jordan and slam dunk? That word play is no coincidence, my friends.) Special offer coming soon…

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