Profit Like Crazy in This Quarantined World (Part 3 of 3)

What a truly historic week this has been…

Everywhere you look, everyday investors are losing money… rapidly… like we haven’t seen in decades.

And through it all, investors are being told to wait it out… be in it for the long term… and even buy the dips – because the market always recovers.

In my view, that’s garbage.

Who has that sort of time?

Or, to put it another way, who wants to watch four years of gains all evaporate in a month’s time – only to have the cycle start all over again from scratch?

At Monument Traders Alliance, we take a different approach.

War Room members take profits. They sell, buy and then sell again.

And based on what you’ve seen in the markets recently, you hopefully can see the value of this approach.

After all, you’ve seen what has already happened with our predictions this week…

On Monday, I said Planet Fitness is in trouble. Since then, it has dropped more than $20.

Yesterday, I outlined why Disney is in trouble. Since then, it has dropped $13.

War Room members profited handsomely off these down moves.

So today, as Part 3 of my three-part series titled “Profit Like Crazy in This Quarantined World,” I’m going to lay out for you exactly what I’ve laid out for my paid War Room clients over the last three days.

In crisis periods like these, sharing this information with you is just too important – so I’ll lay it all out now.

Maybe you’ll join The War Room and start making money day after day – no matter whether the markets crash or bounce! Our current track record since the crisis began in February is 50 winners out of 52 total trades.

Hopefully you’ll agree that the free information I’m presenting to you here in Trade of the Day has merit – and is something that you’d like to use to profit alongside War Room members.

Right now, I’m going to tell you exactly which stocks I like. There are only three stocks worth owning right now. And, spoiler alert, you already know one of them is Clorox.

I’m also going to tell you exactly what I don’t like.

Time is critical, so let’s get started…

What I Like

In my opinion, there are only three stocks that are worth holding right now.

  • Clorox: The world is currently frantically cleaning.
  • Zoom: The world is working at home – and thus video conferencing.
  • Teladoc Health: The entire world will soon visit a doctor over the internet.

What I Don’t Like

Here are two sectors that have not been covered as extensively as others – but are still in big trouble.

The first one is motorcycles. So let’s take a look at Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG).

Nobody buys Harleys anymore. And, as morbid as it may sound, those who were the company’s main customers will soon be too old, too sick or even too dead to buy another one.

Harley-Davidson dropped 80% in the last recession. Year to date, it’s down only 50%. In all honesty, this might be a $5 stock by the time it’s all said and done. You heard it here first.

Here’s the second one…

What’s the next sector to get hit by the coronavirus – one that has been largely overlooked so far? The dental sector.

You see, not many people are following this, but many dentists across the country can no longer operate, aside from performing emergency procedures, until April 16.

Dentists and hygienists rank as No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in terms of overall at-risk professions for contracting COVID-19. The major dental suppliers are Patterson Companies, Dentsply Sirona and Henry Schein. Right now, they’re all shortable.

Action Plan: Harley-Davidson is going lower – and so are all of the major dental suppliers.

Oh, and if you want two other names, two restaurants plays that still have room to go lower are Shake Shack and The Cheesecake Factory.

Right now, in a world that soon might experience a “CLOSED FOR BUSINESS” sign on every window in America, these are all worth playing down. Join me in The War Room, and I’ll show you exactly how to play them!

Here’s what War Room members have told me this week about their experience thus far…

“+$17,000 and yes I posted the buy-in prices. Just closed for gains.” – Willie W.

“I have had the highest win rate trading in my past three weeks since joining The War Room than I have ever had in all my efforts trading. Thank you for the experience, opportunity and steadfast calm in this sea of chaos!” – Brian C.

“Since the change in style this week, I have seen almost a $20K change in value in my account since Friday. Up $3K today… I love it, more please.” – Dave H.

BB thank you great service where else can you make this kind of money when the market tanks!!!” – Peter W.

Bryan and Karim – the complete coverage by both of you on approach and experience is awesome and consistent. Since I rarely give out compliments – I hope you take this one to heart.” – Charlie F.

I am very happy here. This room is great, and the people are great. This market is acting like it has never been before, so we could not be in a better place or have a safer team to be working with. I could not be more ready to clean house.” – David P.

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