Should You Gamble on This Stock?

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– Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher

Over the past week, a couple of insiders have put up some serious cash in this company’s shares.

When insiders buy stock in a company, they are saying three things:

  1. Something good is on the horizon.
  2. They are privy to information we don’t know about.
  3. They see no better opportunities for their own cash.

Insiders can’t just trade their stocks willy-nilly.

If they buy, they must hold for at least six months. That gives them a lot of time to be “in the know” about things that may develop.

In addition, insiders are restricted to narrow windows of time in which they are able to purchase shares.

The windows I am referring to are gaps between events like earnings or major announcements when insiders are prohibited from buying their own shares, as they are privy to knowledge about nonpublic, potentially market-moving events.

If there is a potential deal on the horizon, an upcoming product launch or internal trends that may develop into something, that’s when it gets dicey.

Some deals don’t pan out, launches can be delayed and some trends fail to develop.

Insiders have a lot of cover because we don’t know the degree of confidence that they have in their insights.

That’s where insider buying comes into play.

Instead of just guessing what they are thinking, we follow the money.

Insiders sell stock for all sorts of reasons, like tax planning, buying a car or a house, or paying for their kid’s private school.

However, they buy their own stock for only one reason: They think they will make money from the investment.

Over the past few days, four insiders at Bally’s Corp. (NYSE: BALY) stepped up to the plate. They bought more than $200,000 worth of stock each in what I call a “cluster buy” – where three or more insiders buy shares.

It’s usually a signal that they expect better times ahead in the gaming business. I suggest that you take them up on their bet and step into the stock while it is trading closer to 52-week lows than highs.

They are on the ground, are “in the know” and see something coming down the pike.

It could be better gambling profits, greater occupancy, an upcoming offer for the company… any number of things.

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As one of the most heavily shorted stocks on the market, Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK) is a name that we considered playing in The War Room after its earnings release. Now that the numbers are out, the electric vehicle charging stock is up double digits today after reporting $6.4 million in revenue, which was well ahead of the $4.7 million expected by analysts at Refinitiv. With room up to $41 and above, be ready for a short-squeeze trade.

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