The Most Powerful Signal in the Market – Revealed

A few months ago, War Room members racked up gains in SmileDirectClub (Nasdaq: SDC). In fact, it’s a company I’ve written about in these very pages.

It boasts a network of approximately 240 orthodontists and general dentists across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. SmileDirectClub created SMILECHECK, a teledentistry platform for doctor monitoring and communication. It also provides a clear aligner therapy treatment, an alternative to traditional orthodontics.

SMILECHECK is a central data repository for all medical records, business transactions and member communications. It provides an online portal that allows for remote access to treatment plan information. The company offers aligners, impression kits, whitening gel and retainers. Members receive customer care through a variety of communication channels, including its website, phone, chat, email and social media.

So why am I interested in SmileDirectClub?

Or, more importantly, why should YOU be?

Cluster buying! Those two words are responsible for billions of dollars in profits.

It occurs when three or more (five is the optimal number) insiders at a company buy their own shares in the open market.

It implies the stock is cheap, so they’re loading up on shares. Literally billions of dollars have been made by investors – maybe even trillions over time, by following the insiders.

I consider cluster buying to be one of the most powerful signals in the market… Take a look at the roster of buyers at SmileDirectClub:

When you see this type of insider buying, you gotta jump in!

That’s what members did in The War Room this morning, using a spread which lowered their cost and set them up for a 4-to-1 return.

Action Plan: You can join them in The War Room to get in on this trade right now, or you can just buy the shares for less than $10 and watch it play out.

In The War Room, we get insider filings right after they are posted, and that gives us a real-time edge! It’s time for you to get that edge too!

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