Take Profits on These Five Winners – Right Now

Today, I’m not going to beat around the bush…

The picks Karim and I have been making here in Trade of the Day have been absolutely crushing it in the month of May. And today, it’s time to ring the register.

You see, with so much market uncertainty right now – whether it’s the protests occurring across the nation in every major U.S. city or the flare-ups occurring between the U.S. and China once again…

I believe now is the time to “ring the register” (as I say in The War Room) on five of our more recent Trade of the Day picks.

This is not just a safe move but also a smart move.

Profit preservation is one critical aspect of trading that falls by the wayside, so I want to ensure that you complete the process of a winning trade – by locking in your profits today.

Here’s the rundown…

Winner No. 1: Williams-Sonoma (NYSE: WSM)

As I’m sure you know, this is our most recent winner, and it needs no introduction. War Room members played it to perfection.

On May 26, I said, “Own this stock before this Thursday.”

And just as predicted, it blasted off last week.

From $65 to $80 in less than a week? Uh, yea – take your money and run!

Winner No. 2: MoneyGram (Nasdaq: MGI)

Back on May 22, Karim said, “This $2 stock is on a tear.”

Boy did he nail it.

From $1.70 per share – up to $2.60 per share?

Time to ring the register, my friends. Take your money and run!

Winner No. 3: Poolcorp (Nasdaq: POOL)

On May 20, I wrote, “You’ll never guess what’s sold out across America right now!”

The answer? Outdoor swimming pools.

As a result, I recommended Poolcorp as a big “outdoor” winner. And once again, this recommendation resulted in immediate profits.

It’s up nearly $35 since our entry. Ring up another winner!

Winner No. 4: Nike (NYSE: NKE)

This one was really fun…

Back on May 13, I issued a special video buy alert and said, “This could not wait – it’s designed to make you money almost immediately.”

Because of the popularity of The Last Dance, I said that all things Michael Jordan-related would be on fire – and that has played out perfectly.

So now – take the money and run (and then go buy yourself a new pair of Air Jordans as a reward!).

Winner No. 5: Keurig Dr Pepper (NYSE: KDP)

And finally, we have my pick from May 11…

I speculated that if working from home is the “new norm,” then a new coffee maker would be the first thing on everyone’s new home office buy list.

As a result, I said that the maker of the popular single-brew K-Cups would benefit – and this was spot-on.

So once again, take your money and run!

Action Plan: All told, that’s five powerful Trade of the Day winners delivered to you in the month of May – all for free. If you enjoy hitting winners – and you like making money – then here’s what I recommend…

Take some of your profits generated from these trades and leverage them into a War Room membership. That way, instead of getting five winners in a month, you could get five winners in a day. As you’ve seen with your own eyes, we generate wealth consistently in any market condition.

So now that we’ve clearly passed the vetting process, it’s time for you to take the next step in your journey. That means joining The War Room today!

To sweeten the pot even more…

How’s this for an incentive?

Join us today, and you’ll get 300 winners – guaranteed.

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