The No. 1 Market Question: Growth vs. Value – ANSWERED

2022 has come with a surge of new market volatility…

So clearly, the most urgent question right now surrounds the rapidly changing valuation of growth stocks versus value stocks.

Do you buy the dip in growth…


Do you reposition yourself in value?

Today, Karim and I are launching a new Trade Talk Tuesday format called the “Zoom Room” where we discuss this very question.

This could be the most important video of 2022, so make sure you join the discussion right now!


Action Plan:

The market has a huge capacity to make you a ton of money.

With the volatility we are currently seeing, any of the stocks we just mentioned could easily see astronomical numbers going forward.

But they could plummet just as fast.

Want to find out how to win either way?

It’s called the Win-Both Ways Trade. To set yourself up to win whether a stock moves up or down (it just has to move big!), learn more about the Win-Both-Ways play here.

Testimonial Tuesday

“Based on Karim’s 1/6/22 comments on @ATVI….BTO on 1/6 MAR 6 $67.50 C at $3.61 STC 9:31 a.m. at $19.49! 440% WINNER! Thank you, Karim!!!! My largest gain to date!”

– Mark W.

“Thank you, Karim, for your Jan suggestion! Entered ATVI at $2.81, exit at $16.41. A nice 483.99% gain to start off the short week!”

– Mac M.

“I went with buying the stock for ATVI on Jan 6 and cashed in this morning on a nice $1,500 profit. Pay attention to those insider buying tips we get here in The War Room!!”

– Nina C.