The No. 1 Trading System That Let Me Quit My 9-to-5

Editor’s Note: Our goal at Trade of the Day is to bring you the best trading ideas so you can up your daily profit taking.

That is why I am pumped to introduce you to our new Lead Technical Tactician, Nathan Bear.

About a decade ago, Nate discovered a trading system that totally changed his life.

It allows him to take the emotion out of trading and focus on three simple signals before he enters a trade.

If all three hit, he’s got a trade set up. If all three don’t hit, he goes about his day – spending time with family or doing whatever he wants.

The best part… Thanks to this system, he quit his nine-to-five job and lives the life he wants to live.

Now he is paying it forward and teaching others his life-changing system.

– Ryan Fitzwater, Associate Publisher

It’s a pleasure to connect with the Trade of the Day world. As Ryan noted above, I am Nathan Bear, Monument Traders Alliance’s new Lead Technical Tactician.

This is my first time showing Trade of the Day readers my personal trading system.

But this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to the markets. I have been a pro trader for years now.

This is the system that finally brought me trading success. I am talking about $1 million-plus success.

I was able to quit my nine-to-five…

Spend more time with my family…

And most importantly… I was able to use my system to create a level of consistency that had previously eluded me – regardless of market conditions.

I call it the “TPS Method,” and by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly what that means.

Click the image below to discover a sustainable way to make profitable trades in under 10 minutes.


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