This Free Pick Just Doubled: Are You in Yet?

Do you recall our alert from Tuesday, July 14?

I sure do…

And so do a lot of Trade of the Day members who acted on this alert – and made themselves a boatload of cash.

It was called “the Vending Machine of Cars.”

The advice that day was to buy shares of Carvana(NYSE: CVNA).

Back on June 14, Carvana was around $110 per share.

And as you can see, since we made that recommendation, shares have traded above $220.

That’s a double – in less than two months – off a free Trade of the Day pick!


Based on this huge run, Trade of the Day members are sending in follow-up questions about Carvana:

  • I’m not in yet – should I buy Carvana here?
  • I’m already in Carvana – should I take my profits?
  • I entered a small Carvana position – should I buy even more?

In the spirit of addressing all of your questions…

And giving you the best trading advice possible…

I want to let you in on a little secret.

You see, coming this September, we’ll begin offering a new service called Trade of the Day PLUS.

In it, Karim and I will take all of the picks that we’re tracking each and every week – and select the one trade that we like the very best.

This will be featured as our weekly Trade of the Day Plus pick.

You’ll get the exact pick with a precise entry date and a precise entry price.

Then we’ll track that pick, update you on it each week and complete the process by giving you an exit strategy for every position.

This is exactly the sort of guidance that you’ve been asking for, and it’ll now be offered starting sometime this September.

To sum it up, you’re getting…

  • One precise pick per week…
  • Delivered in an engaging, live-video format (every Wednesday after the market close)…
  • Tracked, updated and monitored throughout the entire holding time (which we estimate will be around three to six months)…
  • All for less than the spare change that’s sitting in your car’s drink holder.

Action Plan: As you’ll soon see, this will be the best deal around, and it won’t even be close.

So stay tuned – and keep your eyes peeled – because this exciting new Trade of the Day Plus service will be coming your way… very soon!

P.S. Take Profits Alert! We keep picking winners. Two of our top Trade of The Day picks are up more than 100%! Lock in some profits and sell HALF of your remaining positions in Peloton (Nasdaq: PTON) and Generac (NYSE: GNRC). While we’re at it, let’s take profits on the first HALF of Maxar Technologies (NYSE: MAXR) and Party City (NYSE: PRTY) as well.

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