This Stock Could Be in Big Trouble

Election Day is over – but the ramifications of what just happened are just getting started.

In today’s video, I outline my best trade coming off the election results.
Check it out below…

P.S. Here’s the follow-up to our sample Win-Both-Ways Trade. The Kohl’s trade we outlined yesterday made a surprising move. Kohl’s reported a mixed earnings report – and the stock rallied. This is exactly why we played it both ways. Although the earnings move wasn’t large enough to have handed us a profit, you would have been able to close the position for breakeven – and simply move on to the next trade.

See how that works? This positioning is why this strategy makes so much sense. We either hit a big winner or close the trade for no loss – and simply move on to the next candidate. I’ll take those odds any day of the week. And soon enough, you’ll be positioned for a big winner.

As for Kohl’s, consider the position closed, and I’ll look to share future trades with you going forward. If you want more details on the power behind Win-Both-Ways trades, check out my training video here.

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