This Trade Just Keeps Winning

As I’m sure you know, the markets sold off aggressively to the downside late last week…

The Nasdaq had one of its single worst sessions in years…

Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) had its single worst day in more than a decade.

And first thing this morning, as the opening bell rang, the bloodbath resumed.

The same old culprits are triggering the sell-off…

Aggressive interest rate increases, lingering geopolitical tensions from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and another COVID-induced economic slump in China are all joining forces to send the markets into fear mode.

Take a look at your quote screen (if you’re brave enough) and most likely, you’ll see everything is red.

Tech stocks, blue chips, gold, crypto, you name it…

Everything you own is most likely trading lower.

But there is one pocket of strength that I’d like to share with you today.

It’s been a saving grace for War Room traders, registering winner after winner.

And you need to know about it.

It was one of my biggest winners during the original COVID sell-off. And right now, it’s paying off once again.

The company is Clorox (NYSE: CLX).

I’ve called it a “recession-protection play that I’m willing to maintain,” and it’s easy to understand why.

Quite simply, its brands are inflation-proof, and the company can also thrive during times of recession.

Case in point…

According to CEO Linda Rendle, Clorox is preparing for another round of price increases in July to help offset inflationary costs. And the company’s brands offer superior value for things people need to use every day – even in recessions.

And remember, Clorox makes more than just bleach. Its brands include many more “household essentials,” such as Brita water filters, Glad garbage bags and even the popular Burt’s Bees line of products.


Action Plan: As I told War Room members, Clorox now has room to move up to $165-$170 in short order. And we’ve used this forecast to hit multiple winners – all as the market traded lower. Just today, CJW hit a quick 22% winner. He said…

“I closed the 1 Shares/Contracts I opened at $4.40 for $5.40. Thx, BB. Quick 22.7% win.” – CJW 5/9/2022 at 10:03 a.m.

And William11 hit a quick 28% winner. He said…

“I closed the 3 Shares/Contracts I opened at $4.60 for $5.90. +28% gain. Keep it up, Bryan!!😊” – William W11 5/9/2022 at 10:59 a.m.

Now, when you string Clorox together with a list of other winners (like Amgen), your profits can really add up – even in a market that’s going down. For instance, take James GBS. He said…

“With the Amgen trade, just pushed my War Room earnings from April and thus far in May to $20,205.01.” – James GBS 5/9/2022 at 10:43 a.m.

Are you ready to start making $20K in a downside market? If so, it’s time you joined us inside The War Room!

Monday Market Minutes

  • Gold Remains Irreplaceable: It’s clear now that Bitcoin is NOT a market or inflation hedge (it’s moving along the exact same trajectory as tech stocks). This reinforces the value of the purest hedge play in existence, which is GOLD. Tracking.
  • Russian Victory? Over the weekend, a Russian airstrike in eastern Ukraine killed 60 villagers who were hiding in a school. It’s becoming clear that there’s really no off-ramp at this point. Aerospace/defense stocks are still in play.
  • 2022 = the Year of “Catch-Up”? Wedding venues are booked. Concerts are sold out. Diamond sales (thanks to all those weddings) have surpassed 2019 levels. Consider buying Marriott International (Nasdaq: MAR), Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) and Signet Jewelers (NYSE: SIG) on weakness. Developing!
  • Has the King Been Dethroned? With five analyst downgrades – the lowest to $16, by Deutsche Bank – DraftKings‘ (Nasdaq: DKNG) full-year guidance implies an EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) loss of about $800 million for the year.