Time to Play This Massive Winner Again?

In at $25.50; out at $135.50 (held for less than four months). $11,000 profit on a single contract. Thank you, Bryan! More than paid for my lifetime membership!” – Ron B., War Room Member

It might be time to play one of our biggest winners again.

Here’s the situation…

As longtime Trade of the Day Plus members know, one of our best trades ever was on Biogen (Nasdaq: BIIB).

As a quick refresher, in early 2021, Biogen was scheduled to report major FDA approval news on Aduhelm, one of the biggest breakthrough Alzheimer’s drugs in the world.

Going into the FDA announcement, I speculated that positive news could send the shares soaring up to $400, while negative news could send them plummeting below $100.

With major volatility on both sides, Biogen was set up perfectly for a strangle trade. We entered both calls and puts leading into the announcement.

As it turned out, the FDA approved Biogen’s treatment. And as predicted, the stock blasted above $400 per share on June 7, 2021.

This explosive upside move allowed us to hit a major, major winner.

Fast forward to today…

Ever since we closed that trade and locked in huge gains, the drama for Biogen has continued.

The FDA revised its data, insurance companies announced that they would not cover the treatment, and on May 3, 2022, Biogen ended its efforts to sell Aduhelm.

But now, as you read this, Biogen is getting one final crack at the untapped Alzheimer’s market, which could be worth upward of $20 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

By January 2023, Biogen will announce the results of a trial designed to test whether the latest version of its Alzheimer’s drug – which is now called Lecanemab – can slow the progress of the disease in early-stage patients.

A 35% reduction of symptoms would be considered a home run result. Anything less would be viewed as yet another major disappointment.


Action Plan: In my view, this announcement is Biogen’s last hope at remaining a functioning biotech company. If Lecanemab proves to be ineffective, Biogen would have to begin selling off pieces of the company. However, if the drug proves to be effective, Biogen could once again be a world-class biotech company. From a trading perspective, this situation once again sets up very nicely for a two-sided options play. To find out exactly what position to take, join us inside The War Room. With such an explosively powerful move possible – in either direction – I simply cannot reveal the exact details of this trade to anyone but paid subscribers. This trade represents the perfect time to join the War Room community. As member Ron B. said above, by playing just one contract, he made $11K off our earlier Biogen trade – more than double the price of a lifetime membership. In other words, you can make one trade and pay for a lifetime membership.

I cannot think of a better reason to join us. Click here to start today.

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