Trash or Stash Peloton?

Welcome back to “Trash or Stash”!

We take a popular stock… strip away the hype… and judge whether it’s worthy to be stashed in your portfolio for massive future gains… or tossed into a garbage pile!

So far in this series, we’ve trashed Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD) and Digital World Acquisition (Nasdaq: DWAC). This week, I’ve got Peloton (Nasdaq: PTON) in my crosshairs.

Can this floundering fitness stock dodge the dumpster?

Let’s find out!


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Tuesday Testimonials

“Just closed the DWAC $42.00 puts for $5.00 = VERY NICE and nailing SDS… Join THE WAR ROOM ‘if you want to MAKE MONEY’ and survive all markets.” – Woodman

“EA… In yesterday @ 2.52, out this morning at $5.55 May 20 call116 $303.00 profit in overnight trade 3 minutes. THANK YOU, Bryan.” – Antonio P1

“THE best graduate-school-level education for trading, bar none ! I’ve said this for the past 3 years and still believe it…” – Bruce

“SDS May 20 $46 call… Bought at $2.14, out at $2.92.” – Vinay