Finding Symmetry in These 2 Trades…

I said I wasn’t quite sure about the market’s direction last week.

But this week I have a better feel.

I’m leaning bullish after the consumer price index (CPI) report. And unless something changes, I think we can keep this rally going into next month’s CPI report and Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

So for today’s video, I’m using a concept I call “symmetry” for two trades.

I’ve talked about this strategy before, and I think finding symmetry is a great way to jump on stocks I’m bullish about.

Click the image below to see the two companies I’ve got an eye on.



Here is the chart of the S&P 500 (SPX) showing the symmetry cluster zone around 3,900. Basically, if SPX comes into this level, I want to get long.

S&P 500

Below is the hourly chart for Netflix (NFLX). Note that this chart is not yet set up for a buy – I don’t yet have the red dots that indicate a squeeze. But I’m watching. And if we do get a squeeze, I’d like to get long in NFLX around the $290-$300 level.

I’ll look to pick up some of the NFLX December 2, 2022, $310 calls if this all comes together late this week or early next week.


Alright gang, that’s what I’ve got for this week. I hope it helps.

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