Vegas Was Closed… but This Casino Paid Out!

Las Vegas might not be reopening until June 4, but that didn’t stop us from beating the house this week with a bet on casinos.

That’s exactly what War Room members did in a classic “buy on the rumor, sell on the news” type of event.

And in the longer term, there is more money to be made.

With one look at the regional casinos in places like Mississippi, you can get a taste for the type of future action that the Vegas casinos could see.

People are dying to get out of the house, and wearing a mask isn’t hampering their hankering to play the tables or slots.

But if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch, you can still bet on the casinos.

Last week, War Room members jumped into MGM Resorts International using a diagonal spread.

This week, just a few days later, they exited with gains of up to 30% in less than seven trading days!

The Vegas casinos have been hammered mercilessly.

But in The War Room, we are always looking for an angle.

Before we dove into MGM Resorts, I alerted members to some really intriguing insider buying.

At the time, MGM Resorts shares were trading at $11.80.

Today, they opened at more than $18.

That’s quite a ride.

You see, insider buying is a major indicator of a stock’s future performance. And when you have a cluster of insiders buying, like above, that performance is all but guaranteed.

Still, there is risk, and that is why we used a unique strategy that allowed members to get in the trade at a fraction of the price of the shares.

A diagonal spread is when you buy an option with a specific strike price and expiration date and sell another option against it with a different strike price and expiration date.

Members were able to trade at 20% of the cost of buying the shares and walked away from the table with a 30% profit. Those are better odds than Vegas.

Action Plan: The casino stocks were left for dead. But the clues that we spotted for War Room members allowed them to rake in thousands of dollars in profits. So the next time you want to gamble with the odds on YOUR side, check into The War Room and clean up!

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