Why Fundamentals Matter

We offer a wide variety of trades in The War Room, from Bryan’s fast-moving technical options to George’s midrange trades to my longer-term fundamental trades. It’s what arguably makes us the best service out there.

We do it all!

My focus on fundamentals comes from learning from mistakes and losing a lot of money in my younger days. It wasn’t a fun experience, but, as the saying goes, “Failure is the best teacher.”

I found my comfort zone after the internet crash and the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009.

Companies with strong fundamentals WILL crash with the market. But they will also recover, often faster than other companies, and will soar higher as investors realize that these companies are investments, not just trades.

Companies with strong fundamentals will not go out of business like the vast majority of dot-com companies did after the internet stock crash. They won’t crater like brokerage firms and real estate lenders did during the Great Recession.

So what are great fundamentals?

  • Earnings growth
  • Sales growth
  • Low debt-to-equity ratios
  • High free-cash-flow-to-debt ratios
  • Growing dividends
  • Low price-to-sales ratios
  • Market share gainers
  • Market dominance
  • Strong management
  • Insiders investing in their own shares

The list above is not all-inclusive, but it’s a great list to have in your pocket or on your smartphone. And it’s easy to research when you have some ground rules.

Trading is a great way to ring up quick profits, like Bryan and George do regularly. After all, George did not grow his account from a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to more than $2 million in a span of a year or so without showing his skills at trading!

Action Plan: For some of us, trading can be stressful. In The War Room, we let you go at your own speed by offering all types of strategies and the ability to adjust and monitor them in real time!

That’s our second edge – the first is our editors and moderators.

It’s time you stepped up to the big leagues and joined us in the quest for profits! Click here and join now!

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