You Need This Info for This Market

If this isn’t a bear market, I don’t know what is.

You need to be in a protective mode, but you should still be investing.

And one investing concept is important in any market, but in a bear market, it’s absolutely critical.

Discover exactly what you need to be doing in my video below…

Action Plan: Position sizing can be the difference between profiting from a lucrative market environment and losing your shirt. Being smart with your portfolio diversification and not putting too much capital into a single investment is one of the most important strategies in investing.


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Testimonial Tuesday

“My first day. I had as much fun as I could while still working. DHI – in at $3.80, out at $4.67. GS – in at $9.75, out at $11.75. I’ll take it! Many thanks!”
– Cj C.

“So glad I signed up for The War Room and the Lifetime at this point in my career. It probably saved my 401(k).”
– TamiDove

“BB is straight up money printing like JPow. Brrrrrrrr.”
– $crooge McDuck