Your Win-Both-Ways Follow-Up on L Brands (Wow!)

Remember that Win-Both-Ways Trade I set up yesterday on L Brands Inc. (NYSE: LB)?

Well today it’s blasting off.

Here’s the deal…

Shares of L Brands are up $5.00 today after reporting earnings of $330.6 million, or $1.17 a share.

This blew away the FactSet estimate of $0.12 per share – sparked by a robust 55% increase in soap and hand sanitizer sales at Bath & Body Works.

As you know, we paper traded a $35 call/$34 put combo yesterday that cost a total of $4.00. As I write, this combo traded as high as $5.50 – good for an overnight winner of 37%.

Had this been a live trade, this is when I would be issuing you a “take profits” alert!

As I explained yesterday, I wanted to model one of these powerful Win-Both-Ways Trades for you – just so you can get the hang of how they work. And based on what you just saw with your very own eyes, you can see why I love this methodology so much!

Now that you see how this strategy works, next time you’ll be ready to make a trade for real!

So stay tuned – because we’re just getting started!

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