An American-Made EV Dividend Play? With a Supercharged Bonus???

Everyone focuses on high growth when they talk about electric vehicles (EVs).

But the truth is…

There’s a way investors can enjoy the best of all worlds.

What if you could get high growth and a strong 4% dividend to boot?

It’s possible to get both – and even more!

I am going to share a play with you that will not only pay you a dividend but give you a supercharged bonus “dividend” and growth as well.

It’s the kind of play I usually reserve for The War Room… but I want you to get in on it too.

The company is Ford Motor (NYSE: F) – yes, that one.

The company just released earnings, which came in better than expected.

Then it let investors in on a couple of pieces of news that bolstered the case for investing in the company.

Here is the important information…

  • Ford is increasing its dividend to $0.15 per share, which will bring the company back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • The company sees the Ford+ plan as the biggest opportunity since the scaling of the Model T.
  • Demand for EVs is overwhelming, and the company has strong multiyear order banks.
  • More than 3,000 electric E-Transit Vans were sold in the second quarter, giving the company a 95% share of the electric van market.

CEO Jim Farley said…

We’re moving with purpose and speed into the most promising period for growth in Ford’s history – to innovate and deliver great products and connected services, raise quality and lower costs. We’re giving customers great experiences and value, improving our profitability and making Ford the next-generation transportation leader.

Ford affirms guidance for full-year 2022 adjusted EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) of $11.5 billion to $12.5 billion and affirms a full-year 2022 adjusted free cash flow view of $5.5 billion to $6.5 billion.

These are huge numbers. Ford is leading the way in the electric van market, and it will be the leader in the truck market too with its F-150 Lightning model.

Meanwhile, shares are trading $10 below their 52-week highs.

Action Plan: Here’s the strategy – it’s called a covered call, or a buy/write. Either buy Ford stock and hold it (while collecting the dividends and any future capital gains), or buy shares of Ford and sell the Ford January 2024 $20 calls for $2.10, giving you two annual 4% dividends and an extra 13% “special dividend,” along with any capital gains.

Your gains are capped at the strike price, or $20 per share. You could also do a hybrid play and hold half the position free of calls and use covered calls on the second half.

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Fun Fact Friday

The S&P 500’s forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, a measure of valuation, is now near the 10-year average. The recent sell-off has brought stocks back into a more reasonable trading range.