Double-Digit Gains With General Electric

A trading pattern we found resulted in double-digit and triple-digit gains on General Electric.

How We Knew Advanced Micro Devices Stock Would Be Lower Today

I wanted to illustrate this example because it shows you just how accurate the black candle formation can be.

Why Zynga Stock Is Compelling Right Now

See how Russell G. ended the year $90K ahead using The War Room correctly.

How Smart Traders Play the U.S.-Iran Tensions

How do top traders play this coin-flip scenario? That answer revolves around our “Overnight Trades” methodology.

Put Selling Success With American Airlines

A 40% gain in just one month – using a one-year LEAPS option.

Selling Puts With Freeport-McMoRan

With a volatile stock, go in light – you can add to your position later.

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